Rallies to be held in major cities and key districts across U.S.

2,000 expected at New York City march


On Tuesday, July 24, thousands of low-wage workers and their supporters will go before large U.S. corporations, members of Congress, and Chambers of Commerce to call for fair wages on the three-year anniversary of the last increase to the federal minimum wage. The Day of Action in over 30 U.S. cities listed below, including New York, where more than 2,000 are expected to rally, will support legislation in Congress to raise the minimum wage to $9.80 by 2014.

The events follow new data from the National Employment Law Project showing that large corporations with more than 100 employees hire the majority of the country’s low-wage workers (66%) – and that their strong recovery after the recession signals it is time to improve wages for the lowest- paid workers. New data from the Economic Policy Institute also shows the wide-ranging impact a minimum wage raise would have on America’s workers and the economy. A national poll of 2012 voters earlier this year found that nearly three in four likely voters (73%) support increasing the minimum wage to $10 and indexing it to inflation.

The coalition supporting the July 24 Day of Action ranges from researchers and policy experts to labor, faith, civil rights and community organizations representing millions of Americans, and includes NELP Action Fund, the Service Employees International Union, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Jobs with Justice, EPI Policy Center, YWCA, USAction, Interfaith Worker Justice, Credo, Campaign for America’s Future, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, Demos, Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights, Leadership Center for the Common Good, Wider Opportunities for Women, the National Women’s Law Center and other labor, faith and community organizations.

Many of Tuesday’s rallies will take place in key districts or in front of prominent low-wage employers, including companies owned by Bain Capital. For a full list of actions, see below:

Monday, July 23


Washington, DC

12:00pm – Hundreds of minimum wage earners and supporters will rally in support of an increase to the minimum wage with a drum line and speak out.


Tuesday, July 24

New York, NY

3:00pm (Press Conference at 5:00pm in Union Square) – 2,000 will march from Herald Square to Union Square.

Baltimore, MD

2:00pm – Press conference at Baltimore City Hall with Elijah Cummings.

Chicago, IL

4:30pm – Three separate marches will converge on the Chicago Chamber of Commerce.

Detroit, MI

4:00pm – Minimum wage earners from Bain Capital-owned companies to join protests outside of Bain companies at the Eureka Road Center in Southgate.

Houston, TX

4:30pm – Protesters will block Louisiana St., where Houston’s most profitable companies are located.

Los Angeles, CA

10:00am – Protest at Bain-owned Burlington Coat Factory

12:00pm – Protest at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Miami, FL

1:45pm – Bus tour of minimum wage businesses and impacted communities

3:30pm – Rally in Miami’s financial center

Milwaukee, WI

12:00pm – Bus tour of minimum wage businesses and impacted communities

Minneapolis, MN

12:00pm – Rally and delegation outside office of Rep. John Kline

Philadelphia, PA

4:00pm – March from Liberty Bell to the Gallery at Market East (9th and Market St.)

Pittsburgh, PA

9:00am – March from Market Square to City-County Building

10:00am – Press conference following speakout at City Council calling on city to pass resolution on federal minimum wage

Portland, OR

5:30pm – Rally outside of Ross Center featuring flash mob-style actions, speakers who are Bain Capital minimum wage earners

Seattle, WA

11:00am – Rally in front of Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna’s office

St. Louis, MO

5:00pm – Rally in Clayton, MO to call on four Senate candidates to support increasing the minimum wage

Kansas City, MO

5:00pm – Rally at Sen. Roy Blunt’s office to demand he co-sponsor federal minimum wage legislation

Cleveland, OH

5:30pm – Rally in front of Parma Town Mall in front of Bain-owned and other minimum wage employers

Toledo, OH

5:30pm – Rally at Westfield Mall to raise the minimum wage

Cincinnati, OH

5:30pm – Rally to raise the minimum wage

Sacramento, CA

12:00pm – March from Chamber of Commerce to State Capitol

Tampa, FL

1:00pm – Minimum wage earners and supporters to rally, hold delegation to Rep. Bill Young’s office

Springfield, IL

2:00pm – Protest at Chamber of Commerce

Moline, IL

3:30pm – Rally at Rep. Schilling’s Congressional office

Marquette, MI

12:30pm – March from Chamber of Commerce to Rep. Benishek’s office

Duluth, MN

5:30 – March to Rep. Cravaack’s office

Hudson Valley, NY

10:30am – Rally at Newburg city park to call on Rep. Hayworth to support minimum wage increase

Philadelphia, PA

12:00pm – March to Walmart Super-Center to call out low-wage employers

Pittsburgh, PA

11:30am – March to Rep. Murphy’s office to present petition from low-wage workers

Green Bay, WI

4:00pm – Rally at Rep. Ribble’s office

Wausau, WI

4:00pm – Rally at Rep. Sean Duffy’s office.

The National Employment Law Project Action Fund is a project of The Advocacy Fund, a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.